Hey there, what’s up?

I’m Moira Krier and Moira The Explorer is a Lifestyle blog.

I created this blog as a creative outlet and a place to grow my marketing skills. I love to write and have blogged anonymously on and off just for fun for years. After years of having debatably the best Instagram handle, I  decided to finally go for it, make the blog public, and own that hashtagpersonalbrand. 

This blog is inspired by the circumstances that created it. The 2020 lockdowns left many of us feeling isolated and struggling with work. I was empowered to build up this blog in order to reach out and connect with people like me. Young millennials, attempting to starting their post-grad life, (third thing).

I hope that Moira The Explorer can be a place online to find new things,

About Moira Krier

I’m a 24 year old recent graduate living in South Jersey with a cute dog named Finn and a grumpy bunny named Gus. I love to read, live for DC sports, and I’m always on the lookout for a good chai latte.

I also have my BS in Marketing, and work in freelance digital marketing. You can check out my resume here and my portfolio website here.

With COVID-19 throwing a bit of wrench in my career plans, I decided to take on this passion project on top of my freelancing work to keeo my digita marketing skills sharp

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