My Experience with IV Drip Therapy

Black and white bandaid from Well Hydration in the cook of woman's elbow after IV hydration appointment

With my recent chronic illness diagnoses, I’m working on taking my health more seriously. Almost every time I travel, I end up getting sick, no matter what. I’ve traveled masked and unmasked, by car, by train, and by plane, for work and for leisure. I always end up sick. Sometimes it’s just the sniffles, sometimes […]

How I’m Recovering After a Week of Work Travel

Coming to you live from my flight home from Dallas, TX after a week of early mornings, busy days, and late nights. Work travel is always fun, and it was so good to see my coworkers and reconnect with people, but I’m so happy to be almost home. I’m taking the next week to listen […]

Journal #1 Where I’ve Been + Life Changes

I feel like every year I come on here, write a Where I’ve Been, pop out a few posts, and then retire again. I view this blog less in the modern influencer sense, but more in the early 2000’s style, journaling into the ether to find an online community where I feel my real-life one […]