Note: This post was originally published in August 2020 and has been completely revamped and updated.
I am saying it here and now, speaking my goals into existence, vision boarding it, and making it happen. I am going to visit 30 states before 30 years old.

Why Visit 30 States Before 30 Years Old?

Mostly because why the heck not? I haven’t traveled much, and why not add a little more challenge to it. One day I want to see all 50 states, but between working full-time, having a side hustle, running Hygge House, and managing my debt, I feel like all fifty before 30 is a little tight.

What Counts as a Visit?

There’s always some debate on what actually counts as visiting a state. Some say, just stepping outside and breathing the air. Others say at least one full hour in a state during the day, be outdoors at least part of the time, set foot on the actual ground, and go beyond the state’s border, not counting airports.
I think there’s a little room in the middle, a state is checked off if you spend a night, have a meal, and do some kind of activity there more than just a road sign photo but not as far as needing to spend a lifetime to count.

States I’ve Seen

So far I have been to 9 states, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Florida, and Delaware. And Washington DC, not technically a state, but I’ll include her. 9 down 21 to go!

Future Travel Plans

We have become what you would call Weekend Warriors! We live for a Friday to Sunday quick trip, it’s the perfect amount of time to be away, super easy to pack and prep for, and you can easily arrange most trips so yo don’t need to take any time off work either. We kept our trips pretty local and limited for a while, playing it safe during the pandemic. Now we’re vaccinated and things are starting to look up, we’re planning more and more trips again! The next trips on our list are New York (state, not city!), Rhode Island, Virginia, and North Carolina. Keep an eye on the blog to see travel guides & updates as they come!

Have you taken on the challenge to see 30 states before 30 years old? How many states have you been to so far? Sound off in the comments below, on Instagram, or in the new Facebook Group!

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