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How I’m Reading More Books Than Ever

Growing up, I read like crazy. I could not be stopped, whole books in a day. Now, I’m not exactly as speedy, but the drive to read everything is still there. Just check my massive list of current reads on Storygraph. I’m not topping out at multiple hundreds of books per year like some booktokkers are about to hit, but I’ve finished 11 books so far this year, which is apparently a little above average. It took time and genuine effort to read this much more than last year. Here’s how I did it!

Prioritize Books

This may seem obvious, but the first step is deciding to prioritize reading. Making the active choice to center on books is almost like manifesting. You promise it to yourself, you’ll start to make to happen. I’m not saying it’s like magic, ta-da you’re done. For me, I’m very out of sight out of mind, so part of prioritizing books was adding another bookshelf to the house, using more books for decor, and stashing them in all rooms. Prioritizing books both mentally and physically!

Visit the Library

Books are expensive, the library is free! Getting back to the local library brought back so many good memories. I had the time of my life browsing the shelves and took out WAY more books than I could read. It was a great time, and we make a day out of visiting the library every time we go.

Listen to Audiobooks

Another great find at the library, we started listening to Audiobooks. It’s truly been the greatest hack at reading more books. I know there are some folks out there who say AuDiObOoKs ArEn’T rEaL bOoKs but like, whatever. I think listening to an audiobook is just as good as reading a book. I do prefer the physical thing, but using audiobooks I can enjoy books while I’m working, and that’s worth everything. I’d highly recommend checking with your local library to see if they offer audiobooks on loan too.

Always Carry a Book

I very rarely leave the house without something to read anymore. Any time can be time to read, waiting for takeout, doctor’s offices, or taking an audiobook to the grocery store! Keeping a book on you at all times helps you default to reading instead of doom-scrolling in your downtime. It’s super easy too. Whether it’s a print book, eReader, or an app on your phone, there’s always a way to bring some pages with you.

Make it a Date

A double dip here, not only are we trying to read more, but we’re also trying to go on more dates. Instead of just going out with your partner, bring a couple books and read together! Our favorite is breakfast at How You Brewin or Union Market and then reading with a coffee. But we also had a great time getting bagels to go and sitting out at a state park to read and enjoy nature. It doesn’t even need to be a partner, it can be a friend or even take yourself out on a date!

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