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Anthropologie Home Sale Picks Under $30

After having spent the last year and some figuring out the furniture, layout, and paint colors for Hygge House, I’ve finally been letting myself buy some of the smaller, decorative things. Last weekend we trekked out to Ikea, and just in time, Anthropologie is having their 30% sale on furniture, decor, and more, and I couldn’t resist! 

Streamlined Flatware // Market Dish Clothes // Trudy Apron // Adeline Knotted Ball Knob // Saddle Stitch Handle // Picnic Jar Candle // Voluspa Candle // 18″ Taper Candle // Candle Wick Trimmer // L’avant Glass Spray Bottle

Anthro is home base for bougie home things, especially the iconic Primrose Mirror, but for your budget just as well as mine, I’m shopping items $30 and under!

When I tell you filtering through was nearly impossible! There were so many cute pieces, but I did my best to focus on the things I would most want to add to my cart. 

The kitchen is my most recently updated room, so I focused a lot on the pieces there. Flatware is definitely on my mind this year, and the Streamlined Flatware set is decently priced, and the copper color is gorgeous. I’ve also been stocking up on decorative dishtowels lately too. I wasn’t a big fan of them until recently, they’ve become an essential part of my holiday and seasonal decor. So easy and cheap to swap out for whatever the mood is! Anthro has the cutest towels for sale right now: Good Morning, Kitchen Conversions, and these functional Market Dish Cloths.

I also live for a cute apron. It’s one of my favorite things and I wear them constantly. Making dinner? Apron. Baking bread? Apron. Putting water on for tea? You got it, apron. The Trudy Apron is truly a must for any apron collection.

Anthropologie has become one of my go-to places to find knobs, pulls, and handles. Especially now that things are getting settled in terms of color and decor, I can finally stop window shopping and start buying! My current favorites are the Adeline Knotted Ball and the Saddle Stitch Handle.

Mini versions of the Voluspa Candle & Capri Blue Candle are available too. Have I ever owned one? No. Does everyone rave about it? Absolutely. Will I be buying to know what the hype is? You bet. They also have the Picnic Jar Candle, which comes in one of my favorite scents and matches the antique dishes I’ve collected, inspired by my grandmother. If you’re looking for a more traditional look, there are plenty of taper candles available too! They have a set of 6 in more basic colors, and some really great longer tapers in great colors for spring!

Keep your candles under control and make sure they’re not going to turn into tiny flamethrowers with an adorable candle care kit. Wanting a more Grandmillennial chic look? Check out their blue and white wick trimmers too!

And add a sustainable touch to your home with the L’avant Glass Spray Bottle. Anthro sells their own cleaners in this line, but you could decant some cleaner you already own, or make your own home surface cleaner for it.

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