One Year In: Our Experience Adopting a Rescue Dog

Almost exactly one year ago, we brought home our second dog, Maisie, for the first time. We thought it would be cake. We had a rough time with Levi, but we had one under our belt, how hard could a second dog be? Turns out, it’s actually very very hard! But it’s so worth it, […]

Journal #1 Where I’ve Been + Life Changes

I feel like every year I come on here, write a Where I’ve Been, pop out a few posts, and then retire again. I view this blog less in the modern influencer sense, but more in the early 2000’s style, journaling into the ether to find an online community where I feel my real-life one […]

30 in 30 Update: Visiting 30 States by 30 Years Old

Almost two years ago, I decided I was going to visit 30 states before I turned 30 years old. Since then we’ve made many road trips, to places new and old, and found so many places to go back to explore further. What Counts as a Visit? There’s always some debate on what actually counts […]

Summer Essentials Bucket List

Every year, I go into summer with crazy high expectations for how incredible it’s going to be, and yet every year it ends up perfectly meh. I’m taking on another summer bucket list this year, checking off all the best things summer has to offer. Read a book – bonus if it’s a fun beach […]

Dock Diving Essentials for Beginners

A couple months ago, we found out Levi has hip dysplasia. At just 18 months, it was a little disappointing, but it shifted us into a game of prevention. That means joint supplements, frequent short walks, and low-impact exercises to increase the muscle in his hind legs. Swimming is the perfect exercise for it, but […]

The Sunday Seven #1

I spent this whole week recouping from dental surgery, so it was three great days of actually resting and relaxing. I took the time to write, read, and catch up on Netflix. I enjoyed the time off, but I’m super ready to get back in action this week! I hope you enjoy this week and […]

7 Tips + Essentials for Road Trips with your Dog

Since we brought Levi home, he loves coming with us on road trips. It took him a few practice trips to get adjusted, the first car ride we ever took with Levi he barked the entire ride, jumped all over the car, and kept trying to pull the doors open! Now, after a year, he’s […]

20 Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Sustainable living can be super overwhelming to start. It’s very intimidating to stare down the sustainability path, especially when online it’s all these one mason jar of trash, must buy this, or shame-on-you people. Incorporating sustainable habits and products into your life is something you should do in small steps, incorporating the things you can, […]

How to Store Spring Produce to Last Longer

If you’re like me, you’re going a week or more between grocery trips and always facing the issue of making sure your fruits and vegetables last between grocery store trips. Once you think you have a good system, something goes stinky or squishy in record time, and I feel like I never knew how to […]

Cleaning Schedule to Keep Your Home Tidy

woman dusting as a part of a cleaning schedule

The easiest and most sustainable way to keep your home clean is by using a cleaning schedule. It sounds easy, and once you have one you like, it’s super easy! That being said, building or finding the right schedule is a lot less easy. Never fear, I have done the leg work, tested out the […]