2023 Reading Recap | Book Explorer Vol. 13

I started this year setting myself the goal to fall back in love with reading. With 25 books and over 10,000 pages read, I can confidently say that I have accomplished that goal. Finding joy in reading has been like finding myself again. All of 2023 has been fighting so much for that feeling. With […]

Kicking off the Fall Reads | Book Explorer Vol. 12

I’m so so sorry to tell you all, I’m one of those obnoxious fall people. September 1st hits, and it’s jeans and sweaters. I’ll wait a couple of weeks before cracking out the pumpkins and all, but just trust that I’m already planning my Thanksgiving menu. I wanted to get through my last two summer […]

How I’m Reading More Books Than Ever

Growing up, I read like crazy. I could not be stopped, whole books in a day. Now, I’m not exactly as speedy, but the drive to read everything is still there. Just check my massive list of current reads on Storygraph. I’m not topping out at multiple hundreds of books per year like some booktokkers […]

Reading Goals and New Favorites | Book Explorer Vol. 10

Woman's hand holding a Kindle ereader with the cover of The Five Star Weekend by Elin Hilderbrand while a dog sits on a couch in the background looking out the window

I made it my mission for 2023 to get myself back in touch with the things that bring me joy, and nothing made me happier than reading. It’s been an upward battle, and then my health struggles and unending brain fog throughout 2022 made reading tough. In 2023 though, I double down with fun, new, […]

How to Stick to Your Read More Books Resolution

Welcome to week two of January, the time where we’re all doubling down trying to keep to our resolutions. Note “we” and “our,” you are not the only one giving these resolutions all you got. One resolution I have been able to successfully stick to each year is reading more books each year. It takes […]

For the Road

What a month! June has been pretty chaotic, and I can’t believe that it’s already gone. This month was filled with job interviews, doubling down on work, wrangling Levi, and a whole week to recover from a pretty crazy oral surgery. I’d love to say things are slowing down for summer after this, but I […]

Book Explorer Vol. 8 |Summer Reading + Goals Check-in

Summertime has always been the season of reading, for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I swapped out homework for our local library’s summer reading program, skipped bike rides and sneaking out for chapter books and hiding flashlights under my pillow. Getting older, summer reading took over. Then after college, spending my […]

Book Explorer Vol. 7 | Becoming by Michelle Obama

The sun is shining, the blog is active again, the ‘gram is moving, and y’all I am feeling mo-ti-va-ted. It’s been absolute and utter chaos at our house basically from the day we brought Levi home and I’ve barely had time to think. Things are changing again and we’re all starting to settle into a […]

Book Explorer Vol. 6 | My Reading Mojo is Back!

Happy almost Spring, happy March, happy Tuesday! Ladies and gents, it’s a new month and I’m feeling so ready for it. Especially with my reading, believe it or not. I read two books in February (Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing and The Vanishing Half) and I’m really proud of that. It’s taken a while for me […]