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Dock Diving Essentials for Beginners

A couple months ago, we found out Levi has hip dysplasia. At just 18 months, it was a little disappointing, but it shifted us into a game of prevention. That means joint supplements, frequent short walks, and low-impact exercises to increase the muscle in his hind legs. Swimming is the perfect exercise for it, but why keep swimming to the basics? When researching doggy pools in our area, we found Sunshine Diving Dogs. We’ve had a couple lessons in the book and it’s been a ton of fun! Levi loves swimming and has a ton of fun on the dock. The jumping? Still a work in progress. But every other week we all load up for a drive and pool time.

We’re far from experts, but after our few weeks of lessons, plus some amazing advice from the Dock Diving community, we’re well on our way! I’m rounding up the dock diving essentials for any fellow dog parents looking to try it out! 

Collection of dock diving essentials curated by Moira The Explorer including Life Jacket. Kong Training Dummy, Kong Wubba, Collar, Travel Bottle, Car Gate, Ryobi Fan, and Slip Leash.

Life Jacket / Kong Training Dummy / Kong Wubba /Collar / Travel Bottle /Car Gate / Ryobi Fan / Slip Leash
For the Humans: Sunnies / Dog Chill Cap / Halo Hat

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