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Summer Essentials Bucket List

Every year, I go into summer with crazy high expectations for how incredible it’s going to be, and yet every year it ends up perfectly meh. I’m taking on another summer bucket list this year, checking off all the best things summer has to offer.

  1. Read a book – bonus if it’s a fun beach read!
  2. Make Popsicles
  3. Visit the local farmer’s market
  4. Have a beach day
  5. Take a road trip
  6. Attend an outdoor concert
  7. Host a barbeque
  8. Play mini-golf
  9. Go on a hike
  10. Try a new activity
  11. Swim in a Lake
  12. Have a bonfire – extra points for s’mores
  13. Try a new food
  14. Go fruit or flower picking
  15. Have a girls brunch
  16. Go camping
  17. Learn a new sport
  18. Arts and Crafts outside
  19. Try a new DIY for Hygge House
  20. Host a backyard movie night

Let me know in the comments or on social what you’re doing this summer and let’s keep that summer bucket list going together!

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