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The Sunday Seven #1

I spent this whole week recouping from dental surgery, so it was three great days of actually resting and relaxing. I took the time to write, read, and catch up on Netflix. I enjoyed the time off, but I’m super ready to get back in action this week!

I hope you enjoy this week and the first-ever weekly round up!

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Sunday Seven

DIY Embroidered Sweatshirt

I’ve been getting back into hand embroidery and needlepointing again, love this this DIY for gifts this year!

Organization Tips

Tis the season for spring cleaning and Carly A Hill has the best tips for making your small space perfectly organized

Perfect Spring Dress

I have a few more formal events coming up, and this dress has been in my cart, just calling my name!

Garlic Lemon Pasta

This week had 60 degree weather, which means it’s time to start incorporating more summer recipes! This one from Jenna Urben has me ready for summer dinners on the porch.

New Dining Chairs

My latest find for Hygge House was a gorgeous wood table. I’ve been looking for the perfect, affordable chairs, and these ones are perfect!

Beginner Needlepoint

I’ve done embroidery before, but was always too afraid to jump into needlepointing. This week, really feeling my spare time, I splurged to try out one of Penny Linn Designs’ new beginner canvases!

London Fog Latte

This has quickly become my favorite drink in the morning. I’ve always been a tea drinker, but having the tea latte has totally stepped up my morning routine!

Read + Eat + Listen

Read: Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld

Rodham has been on my TBR list for a long time, and Cody gave it to me for Jollabokaflod last year. My last book was a DNF, and I’ve been feeling pretty burned by it. I need something to jumpstart my reading again. I’m giving Rodham, I think it’s exactly what I’ll need to get back into my reading again!

Where to Buy: Amazon |

Eat: Spaghetti with Vegetable Pasta Sauce

Despite my efforts to include more veggies into our diet, sometimes Cody still complains about meals without meat. This vegetable pasta sauce from Budget Bytes is perfect though, tons of veggies, easy and cheap to make, it keeps in the fridge super well, and even the pickiest eaters in our house love it!

Credit: Budget Bytes

Listen: Spring Has Sprung

I live for a good seasonal playlist, and Everygirl does not disappoint with their Spring Has Sprung playlist! It’s the perfect energy for wine nights in, quiet Sunday mornings, driving with the windows open even if it’s too cold. On repeat for me, for the next month!

Listen Here


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