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Where Have I Been? Let’s Catch Up!

Summer 2021 has proven to be a busy one! So busy, that the blog unfortunately had to go on the back burner for a little bit. But now, a month has gone by, my schedule is starting to settle a little bit, and I’m adjusting to the new swing of things. It’s definitely been a tough adjustment, but having a full-time job has forced me to reevaluate my priorities, find what really brings me joy on my tight schedule, and most importantly, start addressing my more aggressive financial goals. And secondary perk, being creatively challenged so much every day has me coming up with new ideas for the blog all the time! But let’s get into all the new and exciting stuff going on!

Loppy smile brought to you by oral surgery and facial swelling!

Working Full Time

I’d been looking for a full time job since January 2020. It’s no secret that 2020 was a tough time to find a job, and in the marketing field? Even harder. I’ve enjoyed working for myself in 2021, but it wasn’t quite enough in terms of income and insurance, especially with 26 coming soon! The many (many, many, many!) applications finally worked out, and I got an offer! I started in early July and have been working there for over a month now. I’ve really been enjoying the work, and I’m grateful to have a great team of people to work with and to work for! 

Hygge House & Long Term Home Plans

One of the best things about my new company is that it’s based in Alexandria, Virginia which, if you don’t know, is located in the Washington DC area! C and I both went to college in the area and fell in love with the city and surrounding areas. We’ve always planned to get back to the city eventually and working for a company in the area is the first big step towards that goal. 

That being said, we aren’t about to up and move this hot second. My job is remote for the foreseeable future, so there’s no immediate need to go. Plus wherever we land, we need to make sure it’s got a good sized yard for Levi, which likely means looking at houses, which is a whole new mess of crazy that we’re not even almost ready to get into.

For the next year plus at minimum, we’ll be staying in Hygge House. We’ve made some updates and planned a few more, all of which you’ll see soon! It’s been fun and the house feels very much like a home nowadays and I’m really looking forward to our second winter in Hygge House. 

Running my Small Business: Explorer Media

While I am working full-time, I’m still running Explorer Media as a side-hustle. I’m lucky enough to have the flexibility and the ability to continue this work with my clients. One day I plan on taking my business full-time again, but now isn’t the time for that. Right now my primary goal is to better my skills, learn new ones, and explore a new industry with my work. 

If you want to learn more about my company, click here to head over to Explorer Media!

Exploring Personal Finance

Managing my personal finances has been something that has been a top priority for me since college. I was terrible about managing my money until I was almost 19, in college, and the weight of my impending debt. I’ve not always been the best with limiting my spending, but it’s always been important to me. With my increased monthly income and the federal student loans always changing, I’m looking forward to taking the opportunity to double down on my financial goals. And I’m excited to share that journey on MoiraTheExplorer!

I’ll be honest it’s not going to be the most exciting financial content in the world, but it will be, just like my other content, realistic, reachable, and honest. I’m not sure how much and what numbers I’ll reveal, but there will definitely be openness. Keep your eyes peeled!

The next couple weeks will see summer closing out, I’ll be taking a much needed vacation for a week, and hopefully, finding comfort in my new schedule. I’m very much looking forward to the next steps and seeing what the last half(ish) of 2021 will bring.

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