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The Rabbit Care Guides: How to Keep a Pet Rabbit

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Almost 3 years ago now, on an absolute whim, I pulled a tiny, cuddle bunny from a small pet shop and brought him home in small cardboard box. Back then, I was excited to have my cuddly carrot-eating little GusGus in his cute little cage. 

And then I learned more about rabbits. I learned a lot more. 

Young Moira, girl with banks and glasses holding baby Black and white Dutch bunny rabbit who inspired the Rabbit Care Guide in her arms and petting his nose.

I never realized how much I didn’t know about rabbits until after I had already gotten one. And that’s the case for so many other rabbit owners I know, some of whom unfortunately learned these things too late. 

Learning all the info has been difficult. So much of it comes from groups or forums online and contradict common sources of information people usually trust like chain pet stores, friends and family, or even some veterinarians. 

What is difficult about learning in these groups is actually sharing knowledge. Often the same common questions are asked, and it’s difficult repeating the same answers. Or worse, looking for new information and being unable to find any reputable or reliable sources.

This Guide

All of that inspired this series of posts, The Rabbit Care Guides. This will be a series of informative blog posts, each covering different topics in rabbit care and keeping. This includes things like proper nutrition, spaying and neutering, cage sizes, and more, and will feature information from veterinarians and rabbit care experts.

Black and white Dutch bunny rabbit who inspired the Rabbit Care Guide standing on his back legs and looking up into the camera

This post will serve as a table of contents for this series, continually being updated as new information is published. It is also the best place to ask any other questions about rabbit care that you may have. We can point you to a post that could help or write a post to answer your question. 

Who is the Rabbit Care Guide for?

The rabbit care guide is for anyone. Do you just love rabbits? It’s for you. Looking to get a pet? It’s for you too! New bunny owner? You too! Owned rabbits for years? Yep, it’s also for you. It’s never too late or too early to learn more about rabbits. 

Black and white Dutch bunny rabbit who inspired the Rabbit Care Guide hiding and peeking out of a paper bag

Animal care and keeping is always updating and growing. There are elements of rabbit care that we are learning about now that 5 years ago would never have crossed our minds. It’s important to continue to stay in the know for our pets, making sure we’re providing them with the best care possible, especially for rabbits, who can be a lot more at risk than other pets. 

If you want to write for the Rabbit Care Guides, contact me here

If you have a topic you want to see covered in the guides, comment below and let me know!

Table of Contents

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Sunday Sips 1.17

Good morning all! Writing to you on a Saturday night from the new couch, curled up watching Star Wars with C. It’s been a while couple of weeks, and I really wanted to take some time to sit down and write for a little. What’s on my mind, what I’ve been watching and reading, and whatever else. And of course, what made the name of the most, what I’m sipping while I’m writing.

Caption: Credit to Jenna Urben from

Today’s Sip: Dairy Free Hot Cocoa

Today’s post is brought to you by The Urben Life’s Dairy Free Hot Cocoa Recipe. For most of my life I eaten pretty dairy free, and doubled down on it a few years ago when I became lactose intolerant. One thing I hadn’t been able to find was an easy cocoa mix, and I missed it so so much. I found Jenna’s recipe last week and I have not been able to stop drinking it. It’s so easy to make, and tastes amazing with Vanilla Almond Milk. You should absolutely check it out, and I’m going to heat up another mug.

Girl Scout Cookie Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Girl Scout Cookie Season is here! My neighbor down the street is selling them, and low key, I may have bought $40 worth of cookies already. I’m not proud, but it’s worth it for the thin mints. Order some here and support a local scout!

Stephanie McNeal – Influencer Reporting 

I started following Stephanie McNeal on Instagram a couple months ago and honestly, I love her account. I don’t follow too too many influencers on my own social channels, but I really enjoy her brief overviews of influencer news, updates on drama and businesses, and just providing the general view of the industry. Plus she’s friendly and funny and relatable, which makes everything way more fun.

Fleabag Season 2 on Prime

Fleabag is totally not a new show on Amazon, but I never got around to catching up on the show. I finally watched this week, and it’s totally worth it! Definitely more of a hefty PG-13 rated watch, and not for mixed company. But it is amazing. Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s writing is aggressively real and there isn’t anything better, currently, than Fleabag.

2021 Inauguration & Far Right Response

For those of you who don’t know me as well, the political process is something I hold pretty near and dear to my heart. I grew up in a very political family, I focused a lot on politics in high school, and I went to DC to major in Political Science. I have spent most of my life following politics, and one day I do see myself doing my civic duty to serve in office. For four years I was frustrated day in and day out seeing Trump’s disregard for this country and the office of the president. And every day it seemed to get worse, culminating in what we saw earlier this month, the President of the United States inciting a riot, inciting violence against congress, inciting an insurrection against the US Government. It’s horrifying to see what division Trump and Republican leadership has brought upon us, and the lack of appropriate response from both sides. And it’s horrifying to see the real sides of people, to find out who does and does not care for others beyond themselves.

Closing this post and opening a new week, I invite any and all of you to do all you can to raise your voice and raise others alongside you. This Tuesday is Nation Run for Office Day, and I’m challenging you to pledge to run for office, especially at local or state levels. Check out Run for Something and see where you can make a difference by running in your community. 

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