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10 Winter Sick Day Essentials

This post was originally going to be cozy winter essentials, which we all need and love, but so many of us have come down with some level of a Christmas cold, I decided to mix it up. In light of my sniffly nose and scratchy throat, I’m sharing my 10 winter sick day essentials so you can survive and have a half-decent sick day.

This post contains affiliate links to items I use and love. If you make a purchase after clicking one of these links, I make a small commission. Your clicks support this blog and this dog, we both thank you!

Nalgene Water Bottle

Hydration is key to kicking a cold, and for other more serious winter sicknesses, staying hydrated is always helpful. I love my 32 ounce Nalgenes the most because it means fewer trips off the couch to go fill up. 

Metal Straw

Despite loving my giant Nalgene, I don’t love having to actually lift it to drink. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to drink while reclined or laying down and ended up wearing half the bottle. Grab a metal straw to combat spillage, fight the lethargy, and save the turtles while you’re at it. 

Pedialyte Ice Pops

Controversial opinion, but ice pops are appropriate for all weather, never more so than cold season. Pedialyte is a lifesaver, but let’s be honest, the drinks taste pretty terrible and nothing soothes a sore throat better than ice pops


Don’t fight me on this, soup is medicinal. If not for the body, for the soul. It warms you up on the inside, helping to keep chills at bay. I’m a big fan of Campbell’s classic chicken noodle, but be sure to shop local delivery or DoorDash, don’t spread the germs! 

Puffs Plus Lotion

Do not skimp on Tissues. Like just do not. There’s nothing worse than a chapped nose mid-cold and Puff Plus Lotion are the only tissues that don’t totally shred my skin. Stock up now, you can never have too many on hand. 


Keep the air moist around you and keep that nose hydrated! No room in the budget for a humidifier? Growing up asthmatic hack, pop a hot shower on! Park up, turn the water on, and relax in the bathroom or in the shower. 

Comfy Blanket

Essential for cozy nap times, wrapping up in while eating, and pitifully wandering around the house looking for snacks. A must! The Barefoot Dreams blankets are great, soft, and cozy. You can also keep it a little more budget-friendly and seasonal with these adorable blankets from Walmart too!


Perfect for chapped nose, dry lips, and any other dry skin in need of some healing. Aquaphor is already an essential in my winter skincare routine, and it becomes even more important when fighting a cold!

Cough Drops

An essential, but truly personal decision. My favorites are Halls Menthol Honey & Lemons and Target peppermint cough drops

Tea and Honey

I’m already a big tea drinker, but nothing shakes off the morning yuckiness or afternoon drags like a great warm cup of tea. I usually treat myself to a new kind of tea when a bad cold kicks in, this week it’s Chamomile, Honey, & Vanilla. And adding a squeeze of honey really helps too, taking the edge off a sore throat too. 

Make sure to keep your pantry and medicine closets stocked for this time of year! What sick day essentials did I forget?
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