Finding the Best Budget Curtains

We’re going on four years in this house, which means one more year for curtain decisions to put the bounds of our relationship to the test. Our first set of curtains were basic ones my mom bought and hung after we lived curtainless for months. They’re simple, short, blue curtains. Now that our third winter […]

Cleaning Schedule to Keep Your Home Tidy

woman dusting as a part of a cleaning schedule

The easiest and most sustainable way to keep your home clean is by using a cleaning schedule. It sounds easy, and once you have one you like, it’s super easy! That being said, building or finding the right schedule is a lot less easy. Never fear, I have done the leg work, tested out the […]

Anthropologie Home Sale Picks Under $30

After having spent the last year and some figuring out the furniture, layout, and paint colors for Hygge House, I’ve finally been letting myself buy some of the smaller, decorative things. Last weekend we trekked out to Ikea, and just in time, Anthropologie is having their 30% sale on furniture, decor, and more, and I […]

Hygge House Update: New Living Room

We’ve been in Hygge House for almost a whole year now, which is absolutely crazy to think. We’ve gone through so many ups and downs, we gained a pet, we lost a pet, I learned to cook, I put together furniture, and Cody learned how to deal with me putting together furniture. But despite all […]

For the Road

What a month! June has been pretty chaotic, and I can’t believe that it’s already gone. This month was filled with job interviews, doubling down on work, wrangling Levi, and a whole week to recover from a pretty crazy oral surgery. I’d love to say things are slowing down for summer after this, but I […]

For the Road | Books, Home Decor, Bites, and the LBI Region

February was a heck of a month, lots of highs and lows. I’ve really stepped up some at work and gotten better at sticking to a decent workday schedule, which is really just all I do nowadays! Looking forward to March though, increasing my business marketing to reach a few new potential clients, possibly some […]

I Moved! Meet Hygge House

Big news folks, I moved! Readers, meet Hygge House. Hygge House, meet the blog A while back, I mentioned that Beau and I would be moving into our own place soon, and we finally did! We’re in a cute little three bedroom, one bathroom home not too far from each of our parents’ homes and […]